December 2020

We are coming to a close to 2020 and I thought I would fill you in on everything business related that I have been working on, or that has notably happened since my last blog post….which was FOREVER ago. Needless to say this has been a crazy year for all of us! For me this year started out with many changes!

Before we get into the updates that 2020 had in store for me let me back up all the way to 2019 when I decided to change gears and work for a Architectural design firm. That’s right, I paused my kitchen and bath remodeling career for about 6 months and it was definitely a change of pace. I enjoyed the work very much, but being away from my kids full time really took a toll on me and in the back of my mind I knew that working there was going to eventually come to an end, I just didn’t know when or what I was going to be doing next.

I know this next part is going to sound crazy to some, but here it goes….The news of Kobe Bryant & his daughter Gianna passing so suddenly and tragically was a reminder to me that life is sooooo short, and we have no idea what tomorrow will bring. It really impacted me to make a drastic change. If my hearts desire was to work from home so my kids could grow up remembering that Mom was around even though she was working, then I had to make the changes necessary now, not “someday” and so I did.

February 2020 was when I started my own Interior design business and Maven Home Interiors was born! Hooray! Then as we all know March 2020 rolls around and the global pandemic is starting to become a reality here in the USA. Needless to say it’s been an emotional roller coaster for all of us!

This summer I hired an Interior Designer, whom is a friend of mine and I have known for years. It’s great to work collaboratively with another creative! The old saying that Two heads are better than one is so true and I believe working in a team really adds value to our clients.

So in addition to being a company with an expertise in Kitchen and Bathroom Design/Remodeling we are now set up to do whole house remodels, design the interior of new builds, and provide furnishings and accessories as well.

For 2021 we will be launching our website and one topic I would love to start blogging about is the behind the scenes of what goes into designing and remodeling. Maybe share some tips and tricks to what we do. Let me know in the comments if you would be interested in that.

We are so blessed and thankful for this year and all of the clients that we are working with and I am so looking forward to what 2021 will bring to the table.

Thank you for reading and stay safe!


My Favorite HGTV Show

The other day, someone asked me: “What’s your favorite HGTV show to watch?”

I had to contemplate this for a minute. The truth is, I’ve been too busy remodeling my own client’s homes to watch someone else do it.

But, when I do find a moment to myself and an empty couch, I might find myself indulging in bit of “Love it or List it.”

love it

This show inspires me because a majority of the scenes focus on remodeling. And it’s no secret – remodeling is my absolute favorite part of the design process. New construction is fun and all, but seeing a space transformed to the point where it’s virtually unrecognizable is what really impresses me! I love the reveal at the end, and the friendly competition between the realtor and the designer is fun to watch.

How about you? Are you a Fixer Upper fanatic? A Flip or Flop fan? Let me know in the comments below what your favorite HGTV show is and why!

Why I’m Still Swooning over My Award Winning California Kitchen

Hello again friends!

We are still here in Utah and we still love it. But one thing I really miss about moving away from California is my kitchen. I miss the cabinetry, the quartz counter tops, and of course, my appliances! For countless months, I’ve been day dreaming about its design, layout, function and finishes.

And as it was awarded the Best Small Kitchen by the NKBA So Cal Chapter 2017, I think you can understand why.

The funny thing is – you would think that after designing hundreds of kitchens for other people I would know exactly what to pick for myself without hesitation, right?! Quite the contrary.

I see so many products make their debut in the design industry day in and day out that it actually made my decision that much harder when it came time to remodeling my own kitchen. When you have so much to choose from, analysis paralysis is sure to ensue.

So, to give a nod to nostalgia, I thought it would be fun to walk you through my own kitchen renovation I completed in California {and discuss what I miss most about it.} There’s SO many details to cover, and I want to highlight what I think are the most interesting. But if you want even more details of how I got from point A to B, comment below and let me know! I’ll write another post to divulge even more.

First let’s take a peek at the before!

When we first bought the house, we inherited the original 1984 kitchen. {Not a good look.} It was almost impossible to cook in the kitchen, from the lack of counter space to the lack of storage — it was my least favorite room in the house.

040 - CopyThe above picture was taken on the floor demo day before we moved in. At that time, me and my hubby were juggling the responsibility of taking care of our newborn, and I really didn’t want to live in the house with tile in the main room.

Before 2This picture was taken before we demolished the kitchen.

Award Winning Best Small Kitchen Reveal

2And here is the stunning after!! ❤❤❤

3Close-up of Appliances and fixtures.

Humble brag: My kitchen was also featured in the California Home and Design Magazine!

What I Miss Most about My Kitchen:

1) I miss my appliances! Do you see that gorgeous range?! I was so sad when my husband said we had to leave some of the appliances when we moved….He thought it was the right thing to do so I made him promise me we would buy new ones as soon as we were able.

The range was a Kitchen Aid Slide in convection range with a steam feature. I will link the models that we had….let me start with the burners, It has five burners, which is rare for a standard 30” wide range. The center burner was perfect for boiling a small pot of water for tea, gravy, etc.

There was a griddle accessory that we purchased and I highly recommend, it fit nicely over two of the burners. We used it daily, for quesadillas, tortillas, grilled cheese sandwiches etc.

The self cleaning feature was awesome as well! Check it out the slide in range here.

2) The other appliance I miss is the microwave. I love the look of a traditional stainless steel hood, but when you are short on storage space as it is and you don’t want the microwave to take up valuable counter space, a micro hood is a viable option. This microwave not only heats up coffee and pops popcorn, it bakes, steams, and roasts as well. I have used it to bake cookies, and pizza when the oven is in use. Also, I used it religiously to cook bacon to a delicious crisp! There is also an accessory that we purchased that allows you to steam veggies. Totally worth the splurge and I bet the new homeowners are loving it!

Check out the micro hood here.

Just like Whirpool also makes Kitchen Aid, Delta makes Brizo, their higher end product.

3) I miss my touch faucet sooooo much. Thankfully we have a replacement Brizo touch faucet and the day we move into our new house you best believe that faucet is getting installed. Brizo has such beautiful, modern finishes and styles to choose from there is something for everyone. The faucet I picked had a transitional (traditional mixed with moden) feel to it, but bordering a little more on the traditional side with it’s details. I will also link the style I picked below.

This touch faucet was battery powered using AA batteries. Our busy family used it constantly so we had to change out the batteries twice a year. It was so convenient and easy to use that my children also loved it. If you are a busy cook in the kitchen I would highly recommend investing in this. Have chicken on your hands? No problem, just tap any part of the faucet and water will come out. I will do a video on this when we move into our new casa. =)

View the brizo faucet here.

4) I miss my Cambria Torquay countertops because they were soooo easy to keep clean! I can do a whole blog post about counter tops, but I will keep this short and sweet. I lived with tile counters for about 6 years before we remodeled and having a solid surface to work on without having to worry about cleaning grout made me feel so spoiled. Now that we are renting and there is granite in this kitchen, I still believe 100% in quartz counter tops. Unlike granite, quartz is non porous and much easier to maintain.


Falling for Utah

Hello friends!

It’s officially the fall season. How do I know? Well, just like waiting for the groundhog to emerge from his den during winter months, I simply take my cue from Starbucks (when the debut of the infamous pumpkin spice flavor re-appears) I can’t believe fall is already here, but to be honest, I could not be more excited to celebrate the cooler weather, especially because I’m enjoying it from an entirely different state!

If you haven’t been stalking my every move on Facebook (because you have all the time in the world, I’m sure) then let me take just a quick moment to share something special with you! Drumroll please….brrrrrrrrrrrr (that was my attempt to roll my r’s. Did it work?)

So, about 2 months ago, my hubby, two kids and I packed our bags and….moved to Utah!!

The verdict? We are absolutely in love with it here.

Not only am I savoring my new surroundings of lush, beautiful trees and lots of greenery (not to mention much cooler weather) I’m also excited because I’ve started a new position as a designer! Same me, same passion for designing — new inspiration and excitement with an awesome company.

After some research and making sure our mission and integrity matched, I decided to work with Peppertree Kitchen and Bath in West Jordan. They were founded in 1986, and have become one of the best known cabinet manufacturers in Utah. Their speciality? Designing high quality, custom-fit furniture for your home, and bringing your dream vision to life. Can we say swoon?

In addition to my NEW home and NEW position…I also launched this NEW BLOG! I’m just so excited to share my adventures as a designer, wife, momma and day-to-day “life stuff” with you.

To celebrate all these “new” things, I want to kick off my first blog with a FUN GIVEAWAY!

Gift card to Home Goods anyone? 

How to Enter to Win

1) Comment below and tell me one thing “NEW” going on in your life. If you don’t have anything new, tell me what topics you want to see me tackle on this blog. Do you need any design advice? Now is the time to share!

2) Follow me on Instagram.

3) For 5 extra entries, visit my Yelp Page and write me a review if we’ve worked together!

*Winner will be announced October 31st on my Instagram feed. Make sure you follow me!

Good luck!

With love,